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the show was.. well.. im just grateful i found a show this weekend! it was kind of a last minute thing... cause chris had forgotten to update the orange site about... soo i didn't know about it till 2 hours before it started.. heh
jay shermans kidz played first.. then it was kyle, matt, and whoever that other person is *well anywho* their new band= bloody mess played *they sound more like brit punk.. i like it!* then foolproof played.. and then carsons
so it was a decent show.. was short though.
john said he would have played (ziff that is) if they had known sooner- but he didn't get called till during the show.
they left it as kind of an openmic thing for whichever bands showed up.
there were two dudes there who had just been saved *i guess.. or so they said* and they were very conversational to me.. to the point that it was kind of creepy. i lucked out and they had to leave so i just talked to tyler till his ride came- not too long after mine did.
i went by quicktrip on the way home

and i got a slurpee!!!! whee
yum yum. hehe

so i guess it was a good night afterall
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