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palace scares me sometimes:

***Welcome To Firebird's Forest!***
(WA)rch ngel: I make to many people horny
little.girl.envy[no-shock-dora]: hah.
Genob: :bah, my router blows
\\'_/\/\: yea\
.To.paz.: whatever u say wes......
(WA)rch ngel: Excuse me the reason I got online is now online
Genob: :finished d/ling your porn?
\\'_/\/\: yuh
Genob: :did your mom throw barrels?
\\'_/\/\: howd you know bout the porn?
Hmb| Gd: i
Hmb| Gd: h8
Hmb| Gd: him
Genob: :aw

and then the conversation continues into how they'd 'hit that'
when some girl shows her pic... argh.. ghetto people.
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