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i was contemplating things.. realizations:

-i dont feel an attraction towards anyone really.. well.. one person, but i've lost that feeling when you brush by someone in a crowd and your heart flutters.. maybe its because i really do like this person.. or maybe im just currently numb?

-my mind is blank as far as my future plans. i was always interested in psychiatry.. but lately i dont think that would be remotley entertaining.. i still want to go to school in Austin.. but last semesters science grade SCREWED my gpa.. soo hopefully i can even get IN to that school. my family keeps telling me 'its highly competetive' grr..

-i hate gossip (perhaps i already knew that) but i've been noticing its prevelance in my friendships.. i dont mind hearing what rumors are going around.. cause im usually quite behind on the weekly happenings.. but i DoNt want to hear about my FrIeNdS!

-isaac is still unable to keep his mouth shut.

i know i know.. none of those were great epiphanies.. but those are what i've been thinking about.
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