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(it seems like all i write about lately is shows.. but thats where i mostly live!)

fridays show was swell. lol. not really exciting- we entertained ourselves though
fool proof played (semi-new ska band)
subject to black out (new ska band)
muddychucks (punk)
ziff (indie)
elektronik church [electronic..]

we only really watched the muddychucks and foolproof
the rest of the time we spent outside
uh. lets see what happened out there..
we watched ross skate (wish i was better!)
we walked to subway for water and found a trippy pop machine- with a hologramish thing..
we (me, brianna, jill, ross, rosses friend, jills friend) walked across the street to walmart (we were on memorial.. so actually we ran)
in the hopes of getting kicked out.. we ended up just mocking two of the girls we went with who got on the intercom.. we disowned them..
so as we were walking out we played with the cat toys, set off all the electronic toys, i pointed out a 'bi-racial baby' display and accidentally knocked the whole thing down (ahhh..)
and then we left. once we got back i went inside to watch foolproof with brent and mandie (shana was at prom with kirk *snifflez*), but then they also wanted to go to walmart to get batteries for her pager.. so we went back over there. (not so long of a trip though)
when we were walking back to the turnaround, we had to pass all the ghetto-g's who 'cruise memorial' and then they park in the walmart parkinglot to 'socialize'
some hick girl was there.. and i saw her doing some scary little dance.. so i did the little dance, not thinking she saw.. but she did
so she took on a wide stance and yelled 'did you find that amusin'???!' i couldn't stop laughing long enough to respond.. even once she got her four friends to join her in her stance. so then we got back across memorial and were walkin down the other side, and these guys started pointing and yelling at us to get in the car.. we started mouthing them, and they were just about ready to jump out of the car.. they had the doors open and everything. stupid ghetto people.
we went back tot he turnaround... show was over.. yada yada.
mandie didn't have a ride home till like 1:30 and neither brent nor i wanted to leave her there alone.. so we all got a ride from sean (from the carsons) to 71st.. and then we walked from there to kinkos.. and sat for an hour. then we walked to dennys and sat there for 1/2 an hour, untill kirk and shana go there to pick mandie up. we still sat inside and talked for a while, but i ran into this girl from the middleschool (the only reason i recognized her is i had borrowed the m.s. year book from isaac and he pointed her out or something..) so i talked to her, and apparently she got kicked out of catoosa.. but she goes to tulsa or something now..
then i had my mom come get me -at 2 in the morning.. wasn't she happy. lol-

saturday- my birthday! lol.. "the ripe old age of 15" sad isn't it?
i spent my day with kristin, isaac, (sometimes cody) - we ran into katsy, rachel, and ryan-
at the Renaissance Fair in Muskogee.. im burned. FUN.. we were so bored we left for lunch and ended up going to the mall... (didnt even know there was a mall in the middle of nowhere)
we had to go back though, to get cody. and ISAAC had the prison people there arrest me!!! they put me in a cage for half an hour cause i refused to sing "im a little teapot" and because i didn't know the hand motions. finally i did.. after being stuck in there with a scary man who sang barney tunes, but the scary band that had followed us before that play the same 3 chords over and over and over and over and over...
once i got out we were waiting by the gate for cody and this dirty old man in costume came up to me, and puckered up!
i thought it was like a haunted house- they aren't allowed to touch you..
well BLAH i had to escape.
and then after that, he kissed kristin. poor thing.. i knew how she felt!
we finally got to leave, and we rushed back to tulsa, cause i wanted to go to the show at the hub. brianna, christianne, mandy, and shana had said they weren't gonna be there. .but they were!!
so we had a minimal ammount of fun...
but the
muddy chucks
bloody mess (kyle matt and mikes new oi band)
agony scene (death metal)
enlow (hardcore)
played.. i only watched part of the chucks, and all of agony scene & bloody mess.
after that, turns out- my ride left me!!
soo nathaniel gave me a ride to the gypsy (luckily) where the rest of the people had said they were going to be.. wellllll they weren't there. so worried i sat inside for a while and red my ramones book (like always) then they showed up, cause nath. had called them on christianes cell phone.. so i went with them to the center of the universe.. we found a group of drunk people looking fora party who kept banging the tour bell thing.. its a huuuuge tower with a knocker at the bottom.. people on the other side of tulsa could have heard it..
well afterwards it was christiannes curfew, so we drove back by the gypsy to get her car. then we headed off towards catoosa.. but chris was in such a panic because the air in his tire was barely lower.. so we searched for a gas station first.. and got lost.. for another hour? and then he gave up and just drove back to catoosa on the tire..
and that has been it..
i woke up this morning with a bad cough.. it was a little cough on sat.. i blamed it on brent, cause he had the same cough at the show monday
but i dont feel too well.. and noones online currently to talk to..
i leave town on wed... no more shows before i leave.. ah well.

oh yes.. i got a lawn gnome for my birthday... but it wasnt colorful. i was disappointed.
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