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last night i (unexpectedly) went to the "aloha" dance..
i wasn't expecting anyone to be there..
but sean was. now, see.. i've been over sean for a while
but alecia and i teasingly danced with him anyway (you know. that ghetto music freak dancing) and afterwards he asked me to actually dance with him.. (you know the slow.. pointless.. sad.. kind of like him again thing)
i had to leave early to go to the party at andy's house. .and right before we left- sean almost kissed me. almost. he was about to then DANIEL pulled me away. grrrrr..
so he said he'd try and come by the party later if i was gonna be there.. but he didn't
the party was.. interesting. andy had it in his attick (bobs party time lounge. lol)
Ziff played.. and the rest of the time we blared Muddy Chucks.. and by Mike's request.. beck. erm... oookay
i got home at 2:30 am.. passed out.. had to get up at 6 to pack!!! ahhhh
and i leave in an hour for my flight to Austin
(oh yeah.. yesterday was our last day of school)
i will cry if there aren't any good shows while im down there. cause im missing reckless youth, philmore, and the carsons to go! =o(
but hopefully it'll be semi-entertaining and i'll get to hang with carl and lauren.

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