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Saturday, October 13th, 2001
12:34 pm - wow.. this.. is... old..
that would be the current sar..

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Wednesday, May 23rd, 2001
1:24 pm
last night i (unexpectedly) went to the "aloha" dance..
i wasn't expecting anyone to be there..
but sean was. now, see.. i've been over sean for a while
but alecia and i teasingly danced with him anyway (you know. that ghetto music freak dancing) and afterwards he asked me to actually dance with him.. (you know the slow.. pointless.. sad.. kind of like him again thing)
i had to leave early to go to the party at andy's house. .and right before we left- sean almost kissed me. almost. he was about to then DANIEL pulled me away. grrrrr..
so he said he'd try and come by the party later if i was gonna be there.. but he didn't
the party was.. interesting. andy had it in his attick (bobs party time lounge. lol)
Ziff played.. and the rest of the time we blared Muddy Chucks.. and by Mike's request.. beck. erm... oookay
i got home at 2:30 am.. passed out.. had to get up at 6 to pack!!! ahhhh
and i leave in an hour for my flight to Austin
(oh yeah.. yesterday was our last day of school)
i will cry if there aren't any good shows while im down there. cause im missing reckless youth, philmore, and the carsons to go! =o(
but hopefully it'll be semi-entertaining and i'll get to hang with carl and lauren.


current mood: hurried

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Monday, May 21st, 2001
12:58 pm
im sick. have a doc. appointment for 2:00...
i have that cough that i had when they thought i had pneumonia. blah.
*still blames it on brents cough from.. erm.. last week.. tehehe*

current mood: sick

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Sunday, May 20th, 2001
1:37 pm
(it seems like all i write about lately is shows.. but thats where i mostly live!)

fridays show was swell. lol. not really exciting- we entertained ourselves though
fool proof played (semi-new ska band)
subject to black out (new ska band)
muddychucks (punk)
ziff (indie)
elektronik church [electronic..]

we only really watched the muddychucks and foolproof
the rest of the time we spent outside
uh. lets see what happened out there..
we watched ross skate (wish i was better!)
we walked to subway for water and found a trippy pop machine- with a hologramish thing..
we (me, brianna, jill, ross, rosses friend, jills friend) walked across the street to walmart (we were on memorial.. so actually we ran)
in the hopes of getting kicked out.. we ended up just mocking two of the girls we went with who got on the intercom.. we disowned them..
so as we were walking out we played with the cat toys, set off all the electronic toys, i pointed out a 'bi-racial baby' display and accidentally knocked the whole thing down (ahhh..)
and then we left. once we got back i went inside to watch foolproof with brent and mandie (shana was at prom with kirk *snifflez*), but then they also wanted to go to walmart to get batteries for her pager.. so we went back over there. (not so long of a trip though)
when we were walking back to the turnaround, we had to pass all the ghetto-g's who 'cruise memorial' and then they park in the walmart parkinglot to 'socialize'
some hick girl was there.. and i saw her doing some scary little dance.. so i did the little dance, not thinking she saw.. but she did
so she took on a wide stance and yelled 'did you find that amusin'???!' i couldn't stop laughing long enough to respond.. even once she got her four friends to join her in her stance. so then we got back across memorial and were walkin down the other side, and these guys started pointing and yelling at us to get in the car.. we started mouthing them, and they were just about ready to jump out of the car.. they had the doors open and everything. stupid ghetto people.
we went back tot he turnaround... show was over.. yada yada.
mandie didn't have a ride home till like 1:30 and neither brent nor i wanted to leave her there alone.. so we all got a ride from sean (from the carsons) to 71st.. and then we walked from there to kinkos.. and sat for an hour. then we walked to dennys and sat there for 1/2 an hour, untill kirk and shana go there to pick mandie up. we still sat inside and talked for a while, but i ran into this girl from the middleschool (the only reason i recognized her is i had borrowed the m.s. year book from isaac and he pointed her out or something..) so i talked to her, and apparently she got kicked out of catoosa.. but she goes to tulsa or something now..
then i had my mom come get me -at 2 in the morning.. wasn't she happy. lol-

saturday- my birthday! lol.. "the ripe old age of 15" sad isn't it?
i spent my day with kristin, isaac, (sometimes cody) - we ran into katsy, rachel, and ryan-
at the Renaissance Fair in Muskogee.. im burned. FUN.. we were so bored we left for lunch and ended up going to the mall... (didnt even know there was a mall in the middle of nowhere)
we had to go back though, to get cody. and ISAAC had the prison people there arrest me!!! they put me in a cage for half an hour cause i refused to sing "im a little teapot" and because i didn't know the hand motions. finally i did.. after being stuck in there with a scary man who sang barney tunes, but the scary band that had followed us before that play the same 3 chords over and over and over and over and over...
once i got out we were waiting by the gate for cody and this dirty old man in costume came up to me, and puckered up!
i thought it was like a haunted house- they aren't allowed to touch you..
well BLAH i had to escape.
and then after that, he kissed kristin. poor thing.. i knew how she felt!
we finally got to leave, and we rushed back to tulsa, cause i wanted to go to the show at the hub. brianna, christianne, mandy, and shana had said they weren't gonna be there. .but they were!!
so we had a minimal ammount of fun...
but the
muddy chucks
bloody mess (kyle matt and mikes new oi band)
agony scene (death metal)
enlow (hardcore)
played.. i only watched part of the chucks, and all of agony scene & bloody mess.
after that, turns out- my ride left me!!
soo nathaniel gave me a ride to the gypsy (luckily) where the rest of the people had said they were going to be.. wellllll they weren't there. so worried i sat inside for a while and red my ramones book (like always) then they showed up, cause nath. had called them on christianes cell phone.. so i went with them to the center of the universe.. we found a group of drunk people looking fora party who kept banging the tour bell thing.. its a huuuuge tower with a knocker at the bottom.. people on the other side of tulsa could have heard it..
well afterwards it was christiannes curfew, so we drove back by the gypsy to get her car. then we headed off towards catoosa.. but chris was in such a panic because the air in his tire was barely lower.. so we searched for a gas station first.. and got lost.. for another hour? and then he gave up and just drove back to catoosa on the tire..
and that has been it..
i woke up this morning with a bad cough.. it was a little cough on sat.. i blamed it on brent, cause he had the same cough at the show monday
but i dont feel too well.. and noones online currently to talk to..
i leave town on wed... no more shows before i leave.. ah well.

oh yes.. i got a lawn gnome for my birthday... but it wasnt colorful. i was disappointed.

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1:12 pm
Here is the result of your LiveJournal Purity Test.
You answered "yes" to 46 of 100 questions, making you 54.0% lj pure (46.0% lj corrupt); that is, you are 54.0% pure in the lj domain (you have 46.0% LiveJournal Freak in you).

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Friday, May 18th, 2001
3:29 pm
the entire top of my right foot is a bruise..

i <3 sid vicious..

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3:26 pm
im real bad at this finishing my updates thing...

i completely skipped sunday last time.. lol
sun- birthday bash (weezer/alien ant farm/orgy/the cult)
i got there.. went in the pit for alien ant farm.. once again someone thought they were being 'hardcore' and they punched me. Grrrrr.. and it was some old guy. i told myself if i saw him again i was gonna kick the crap out of him.. i would have imediately, but someone dropped on my back and i fell.
lifehouse is crap live. i didn't really like em when they weren't live..but they dont put on a show at all.. and their sound is crap worthy.
we left in the middle of the cult.. im thinking their too old to rock out.. lol
=w= was the most violent moshpit i've ever been in!
look at my weezer community entry if you wanna know more about that. .lets just say i was third person from the front/center. and i came out with a concussion.. 8 consecutive people or so, dropped on my head.
stupid crowd surfers... and stupid people with now mosh etiquette who dont help you up when you fall.. but all in all i had fun.
we went inside to the rave room.. there weren't any candy ravers so we just laughed at the teenyboppers doing bsb dances..

oh yeah, when we were at the gypsy.. some guy came up and like put his hand on my head...
'you should shave all except this. .and get an oi!'
ahh.. *fantasizes* i love oi's.. but i dont think i'd look good with one.. *shrugs* and im too lazy to shave my head that much.

this week has seemed to drag on.. but tonight theres a show at the turnaround.. the chux are playing *which makes it a good show*. i wish at all costs was, im in the mood to see em tonight.. tommorrow theres another show i might go to.. depends what time we get back from the renassiance fair.. perhaps isaac wants to go with me? im me if you do, dude! lol
(agony scene.. and i dont know who else is gonna play that one)


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Thursday, May 17th, 2001
9:42 am
okay i'll finish my stories of the shows:

monday- Calibretto 13, Ace Troubleshooter, Slick Shoes, and The Carsons
we got there like.. an hour early?
cause doors were supposed to open 6
we ended up all hanging around outside and on the couches for a while. mandie and shana were there *yay* and so was christiane and nathaniel, and guess who showed up? ross! lol.. haven't seen him in a while. he was going off to capitolism camp last time i saw him (he was the most popular anarchist there.. which.. kind of doesn't make sense)
anywho- once we got inside, the carsons opened the show
then calibretto13 went on, and ofcourse i stood up front for them.
when ace troubleshooter went on brianna and i couldn't resist bashing into skankers.. we got scolded. lol but isn't that the point of a moshpit??
when rod laver went on- brianna tara and i walked down to tacobell or some place like that to get water- fun stuff.. we got to run across memorial.. haha (yeah.. excitement)
we got back before they were off stage so we hung outside for a while.. we met the girl who punched the ghetto guy in the face last week.. shes rather nice. ;o)
her boyfriend looked like heroine bob from slc punk.. i told him and im not sure he thought that was a compliment. lol
he said something about kansas city oi fest at the end of the month.. i realllly wanna go, but i know i cant *snifflez* so sad.
....i'll finish my post later....

current mood: sore

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2001
3:32 pm - ...after 5 shows.. im a gimp..
well i didn't get the opportunity to update about the shows as they came along, so i waited till today..

Wed- Pillar show with isaac.. they were playing at 180 and i had nowhere else to go *shrugs* the only reason it was really entertaining is the little gothic teeny boppers were trying to mosh by jumping in circles. heh.

Thurs- Tooth n Nail penalty box tour w/ the dingees.. couldn't go.. but heard it was really good.

Fri- Promcore
theres a story behind this i will post in a private entry next =o)

Sat- Ziff & At all costs.. the guys tried to teach me to some-what ollie, because i cant on concrete.. im a failure! lol... i'll practice.
when godsgeeks went on stage we went to 'the gypsy'(a downtown coffee house).. there were (ofcourse) lots of very 'flamboyant'(is that how its spelled?) gay men there.. im not prejudice, they were just entertaining. its interesting there currently, because the different genres of punk are kind of 'fighting for control' of the territory? like i saw a guy with a 'nazi punks f*** off' shirt.. he smiled at me. guess that was permissable since im not a skinhead, heh
and then when the guy finally played me some oi there, we left!(we went back later)
we went to the 'center of the universe'
its this place by the Williams company building.. if you stand exactly in the center of the circle you hear an echo of everything you say.. but if your to the side it doesn't work..
theres lots of little circles that do the same thing, and one big one
the odd thing was- there was a guy sitting in the middle of the large one.. he was doing some sort of meditation thing *im thinking heroine.*
and he looks up at us and starts chanting to us
-he looks at christiane-
"you are the mother, the eve of god"
-he looks at me-
"you are the blood, i am the sky"
-he looks at john and andy-
"you are the son"
we kept walking to experiment with our own 'center'
but when we walked back by afterwards he looks at us like everything is normal (still sitting there)
it was very odd..
then he was doing some sort of dance with his arms.. and we kept walking.
we walked up to the williams building cause christiane wanted to show us where chet wrote his name in spit on the window a few weeks ago.
then we went back to the gypsy- i never got to hear my oi *cause i missed it.. how sad*
but i saw some people from the shows i haven't seen lately.

my story only gets longer for sunday and mondays shows.. so i'll update in a few minutes- have to make a phone call!

current mood: drained

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Sunday, May 13th, 2001
11:19 am
alien ant farm in like.. an hour.. ahhhh *leaves!*

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Thursday, May 10th, 2001
3:17 pm
"Don't try to hide this gap you feel.

I've felt it, too, and it won't heal

Without a faith that's firm and pure.

Please turn back."

-At All Costs-

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6:49 am
anonymouse posters are odd. though sometimes entertaining ;o)

i'll update about the pillar show after school today.. gotta come home and work on my promcore dress. i probably won't go to graduation.. who needs that depression anyway?

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Wednesday, May 9th, 2001
6:58 am
i took the dada thing at
and i cant post what my results were.. ew.. ahh.. argh!

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6:53 am
1. Pierce your nose or tongue? nose
2. Be serious or be funny? funny
3. Boxers or briefs? panties
4. Whole or skim milk? milke is ew. skim?
5. Single or Taken? single
6. Simple or complicated? complicated
7. Law or anarchy? anarchy
8. Flowers or angels?erm.. flowers?
9. Grey or gray? grey
10. Read or write? write
11. Color or black-and-white photos? color
12. Sunrise or sunset? sunset- i've never seen a sunrise
13. M&M's or Skittles? the blue and pink skittles.
14. Rap or rock? rawk (rap is crap with a silent c)
15. Stay up late or wake up late?both
16. TV or Radio? as far as music... mp3s *im cheap*
17. Is it POP or SODA? pop- only minnesotan's say 'soda' like my family.
18. X or O in Tic-tac-toe? o
20. Eat an apple or an orange?orange
21. What came first the chicken or the egg?the egg
22. Hot or cold? cold- unless its a shower
24. Tall members of the opposite sex or short? either
25. Sun or moon? moon
26. Emerald or ruby? emerald
28. Left or right? left
29. 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 1 best friend
30. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? chocolate
32. Green beans or carrots? carrots.
34. What is your biggest fear in the world? being alone.
36. Kids or no kids? kids.. but- they cant be normal kids ;o)
37. Cat or dog? cat
38. Half empty or half full? half empty
39. Mustard or ketchup? ketchup
40. Hard cover books or soft cover books? hard
41. Newspaper or magazine? zines
42. Sandals or sneakers? converse..(chuck taylors)
43. Wonder or amazement? wonder
44. Red car or white car? red car
45. Happy and poor or sad and rich? happy and poor
46. Singing or dancing? singing
48. Corduroy or plaid? plaid.
49. Happy or sad? who likes to be sad? it just happens.
50. Purple or green? pink.

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Tuesday, May 8th, 2001
3:49 pm
i was contemplating things.. realizations:

-i dont feel an attraction towards anyone really.. well.. one person, but i've lost that feeling when you brush by someone in a crowd and your heart flutters.. maybe its because i really do like this person.. or maybe im just currently numb?

-my mind is blank as far as my future plans. i was always interested in psychiatry.. but lately i dont think that would be remotley entertaining.. i still want to go to school in Austin.. but last semesters science grade SCREWED my gpa.. soo hopefully i can even get IN to that school. my family keeps telling me 'its highly competetive' grr..

-i hate gossip (perhaps i already knew that) but i've been noticing its prevelance in my friendships.. i dont mind hearing what rumors are going around.. cause im usually quite behind on the weekly happenings.. but i DoNt want to hear about my FrIeNdS!

-isaac is still unable to keep his mouth shut.

i know i know.. none of those were great epiphanies.. but those are what i've been thinking about.

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Sunday, May 6th, 2001
5:07 pm
palace scares me sometimes:

***Welcome To Firebird's Forest!***
(WA)rch ngel: I make to many people horny
little.girl.envy[no-shock-dora]: hah.
Genob: :bah, my router blows
\\'_/\/\: yea\
.To.paz.: whatever u say wes......
(WA)rch ngel: Excuse me the reason I got online is now online
Genob: :finished d/ling your porn?
\\'_/\/\: yuh
Genob: :did your mom throw barrels?
\\'_/\/\: howd you know bout the porn?
Hmb| Gd: i
Hmb| Gd: h8
Hmb| Gd: him
Genob: :aw

and then the conversation continues into how they'd 'hit that'
when some girl shows her pic... argh.. ghetto people.

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4:00 pm

camera: digi
penut butter: jelly
hay: ho
sweet pea: booger
david: rice
nicole: crouch
derrick: seans bro
matthew: band
chris: at all costs
jonathan: taylor thomas (ew.)
alan: jackson (Double ew.)
chip: chipper
chad: prick
patrick: prick
brad: prick
danny: devito
steven: prick [maybe i just like that word]
michelle: star [dont know a michelle..]
crystal: prick
joey: ramone
julien: julianna theory
jamie: brown
craig: the carsons
jennifer: pickle
brandon: star wars [hah]
kelly: prick
ricky: swish
charles: boob
heather: doesn't believe in wearing clothes *cough*
tracey: kristen lawson???
justin: netmousejay
nikki: prick
brandy: the electrocutes [now the donnas]
issac: its i-SACK thankyou very much.

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Saturday, May 5th, 2001
10:25 am
# User Similiar
Interests Percent Match
1 candylander 145 (100.0%)
2 corganstar 30 (20.7%)
3 punkrockerchick 28 (19.3%)
4 evillindsay 24 (16.6%)
5 guitar1gal 23 (15.9%)
6 skatanic_dork13 23 (15.9%)
7 pinkpunkrawker 22 (15.2%)
8 defeatedsoul 21 (14.5%)
9 skatanic241 21 (14.5%)
10 anath47 20 (13.8%)
11 boberto 20 (13.8%)
12 copsonpogostix 20 (13.8%)
13 prettyunpunk 20 (13.8%)
14 secondtolast 20 (13.8%)
15 billyballs 19 (13.1%)
16 coldandblue 19 (13.1%)
17 musicobsession 19 (13.1%)
18 stargrrl 19 (13.1%)
19 crappymelody 18 (12.4%)
20 jurassica 18 (12.4%)
21 konverse7 18 (12.4%)
22 lagwagon18 18 (12.4%)
23 marielsblue 18 (12.4%)
24 punkduck 18 (12.4%)
25 rocknrollgrrl 18 (12.4%)
26 shimmerstar 18 (12.4%)
27 themoongoddess 18 (12.4%)
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29 betsybondage 17 (11.7%)
30 boys_hurt 17 (11.7%)
31 emoasfuck 17 (11.7%)
32 fakeangel 17 (11.7%)
33 heavierthanair 17 (11.7%)
34 joellyurine 17 (11.7%)
35 shady_soul 17 (11.7%)
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38 sucker4akiss 17 (11.7%)
39 suckpink 17 (11.7%)
40 xsarahx 17 (11.7%)
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43 boixboi 16 (11.0%)
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50 mustardpunk 16 (11.0%)
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52 punkybunny 16 (11.0%)
53 sweetoblivion 16 (11.0%)
54 acquiesce 15 (10.3%)
55 ankharah 15 (10.3%)
56 boysetsfire100 15 (10.3%)
57 brigitta 15 (10.3%)
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84 brodie_ 14 (9.7%)
85 emojunkie 14 (9.7%)
86 eternalsk8er 14 (9.7%)
87 forcedapathy 14 (9.7%)
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98 spfaerie 14 (9.7%)
99 suicidal_angel 14 (9.7%)
100 thelemongirl 14 (9.7%)


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Friday, May 4th, 2001
10:57 pm
the show was.. well.. im just grateful i found a show this weekend! it was kind of a last minute thing... cause chris had forgotten to update the orange site about... soo i didn't know about it till 2 hours before it started.. heh
jay shermans kidz played first.. then it was kyle, matt, and whoever that other person is *well anywho* their new band= bloody mess played *they sound more like brit punk.. i like it!* then foolproof played.. and then carsons
so it was a decent show.. was short though.
john said he would have played (ziff that is) if they had known sooner- but he didn't get called till during the show.
they left it as kind of an openmic thing for whichever bands showed up.
there were two dudes there who had just been saved *i guess.. or so they said* and they were very conversational to me.. to the point that it was kind of creepy. i lucked out and they had to leave so i just talked to tyler till his ride came- not too long after mine did.
i went by quicktrip on the way home

and i got a slurpee!!!! whee
yum yum. hehe

so i guess it was a good night afterall

current mood: cheerful

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3:56 pm
i got the lineup for birthday bash:

Sunday May 13th- Lifehouse, Oleander, the Cult, Hed PE, Fuel, Alien Ant Farm, Orgy, Weezer, Tantric, Nonpoint, bageyes, failsafe, dds, Brian Parton & The Nashville Rebels, jay quin band, madverb, rewake, R-Kaine, taming enos, tony romanello, and ultrafix
yay for alien ant farm and WEEEEZERRR *has a spaz attack* that was sure to happen..

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