.adrenaline.junky. (candylander) wrote,

wow.. this.. is... old..

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didnt work, for me atleast..my computer is a piece of crap..do you have a new aim sn?

Deleted comment

Okay so like just sitting here bored and playing around trying to prove that i am not the only one on the planet that likes dollshead and bands like letters to cleo and you mystically popped up and just thought that i would say hi ! not sure if you welcome new people or prefer to keep to yourself...let me know
your interests say that you like My Little Pony, come see the new livejournal My Little Pony community!
any reason you have not updated in ages?
hey. i added you as a friend.
Hey, there...
I noticed you like veruca Salt. want to be mi amiga??
Oh man, you have the most in common with me on lj. We should be friends like whoa.
girl in pic = cute.
but yeah... just a random reader
Hey I was browsing by intrests (AFI) and ran across ur lj. Hmmm um, I'm kinda a newbie with this whole livejournal scene so I need sum friends to add to my list. If ur intrested in addin a weird-stranger then that'd be cool. alright Later =)
Hey, im in this band xantilove. from MA, and while searching random interests, i found you have good musical tastes. i was wondering if you could check out my band, and let me know what you think? thanks alot!


ps. sorry if i bothered you , but you seem wicked cool, mind if i add you? also, if you like us, could you please join our Community (antilove.)? thanks alot!
try out for seethers
come join my new community, misfitsx please look it up (the name has nothing to do with the band!)
hey...my name is rob, im from an indie/emo band called morning after. Basically, this is more or less a cheap/somewhat desperate attempt to spread the word about us if at all possible, sorry to randomly bother you with this, but you can check us out at www.purevolume.com/morningafter leave me a message, let me know what you think, regardless of if you like or not. if you dont, tell why! we're always up for constructive criticism. again sorry for the randomness.

ok, first of all, Emo is dead, it is a past fade that became very close to being annoying. what you need to do to rid your self from this horrid disease is to stand over a tile floor, purge your wrist of any emo blood still left in you and then replace it with air, when you are done doing that leave me a comment on how that went.
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